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Destiny 2 Red Border Weapons are the best way to get godrolls. It allows you to skip the process of farming out the ideal roll and simply lets you craft weapons and pick the perks you want.

In order to extract the red border from the weapon you can extract the pattern it in the weapon menu, or you can simply dismantle the weapon which also grants the red border progress.

Once finished with a craftable frame for the weapon you can no longer receive the red border version of the weapon.

You can use a Deepsight Harmonizer in order to turn a regular weapon into a red border one. This only works on weapons that have patterns.



What are Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2?

Red border weapons are a rare drop and can drop as a variant on any weapon that has a pattern. The patterns are essentially what allows you to craft the weapons themselves, patterns take anywhere between 1-5 red border weapons to make.

This essentially means that red border weapons are simply a rare drop and a means of obtaining the craftable version of said weapon.

What benefits to Red Border Weapons have, over normal weapons in Destiny 2?

Red border weapons don't have any specific advantage over normal weapons, they are simply used in order to extract the pattern from said weapon in order to be able to craft it.

Crafted weapons on the other hand have a very big difference in the ability to create the rolls and perks you want on the weapon without the weeks or even months it would normally take to get a godroll.

Do I need to own any DLCs to get Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2?

Depending on the activity that the red border weaopns drop from you might need to own a DLC corresponding to the activity itself.

For example, if you want to obtain the Word of Crota hand cannon you will not need to have a DLC seeing as the Crota's End raid is completely free, however, something like a Heritage shotgun will require you to own the Beyond Light expansion since it's part of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Do I get to keep any other loot that could drop while the pro is farming for Red Border Weapons?

Yes, regardless of the service you choose any and all loot that is dropped while we play for or with you will be yours to keep. We will never dismantle anything unless told otherwise, this applies to all services, it's not specifically exclusive to red border weapons.

Additionally we will not dismantle the red border version of the weapon (that being one of the options to extract the pattern), instead we'll leave it up to you to decide how you would like to extract the pattern from it.

How do Deepsight Harmonizers work for Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2?

Deepsight Harmonizers can be used on any regular version of a weapon to turn it into a red border weapon. You can do so by right clicking a normal version of the weapon and inserting the harmonizer into it.

Note that the harmonizer can't be inserted into weapons that don't have a pattern and can't be inserted into weapons that have already had their pattern extracted.

Where can I obtain Destiny 2 Red Border Weapons?

Destiny 2 Red Border weapons can be obtained from a plethora of different sources, those being:

  • Raids
  • Weekly Missions
  • Expansion Content and Vendors
  • Seasonal Content and Vendors
  • Dares of Eternity
  • Duality Dungeon
  • Deepsight Harmonizer

All the Destiny 2 Red Border weapons, conveniently in one place for you to choose!

Are Red Border Weapons exclusive to Legendary weapons?

No, red border weapons are also available for a select few exotic weapons as well. Namely the weapons available in the weekly missions.

  • Revision Zero - Operation: Seraph's Shield
  • Dead Man's Tale - Presage
  • Dead Messenger - Vox Obscura

They only require 1 drop of the red border weapon in order to craft the pattern. The red border weapon is obtained by completing the Normal version of the respective weekly mission for each of the guns.

Is there any reason why I should get Red Borders for Exotics in Destiny 2?

Similar to the way that red border legendary weapons work, the weapons can be be crafted with the most desirable options. On top of that, there are catalysts obtained from the Master versions of the weekly missions that further improve the customziation.

The catalysts range from being minor upgrades to the weapon to being upgrades that can significantly change how the weapon feels.

Why should I focus on getting Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2?

Red border weapons allow you to craft patterned weapons, this is the main goal of farming them. The reason that red border and crafted weapons are so sought after is due to the customization options making it so you're guaranteed to have a godroll.

On top of that you can enhance perks on crafted weapons making them significantly better than their counterparts, it can be something simple like extending the duration of the perks effect, to even increasing the damage of certain perks.