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About our Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge services:


As the dust settles after the disasterous(ly fun) release of Destiny 2's most recent, and by far most difficult Raid yet, aptly named Salvation's Edge, Master Mode finally rears its head, prepared to give our Guardians another unforgettable raiding experience. In the weeks prior to Salvation's Edge's Master Mode being released, tens of thousands of players ran thrice as many clears of the base version as they hunted for all the awesome new stuff scattered throughout its halls, from:

  • A brand new Seal and Triumph
  • Six new Legendary Weapons
  • A new Exotic, the Strand Linear Fusion Rifle - "Euphony"
  • A new Armor Set - the "Promised" Set
  • A new Exotic Ship - "Turmoil Engine"
  • A new Exotic Ghost Shell - "Timeless Bond"

And now that Master Mode is out, there's no doubt that they'll be back to get their hands on the new Red Border versions of these already potent Raid Weapons, or to try thier luck at getting the new Seal, or Exotic Weapon.


However, since LFG all but guarantees a less-than-stellar experience most of the time, you might want to save some time (and nerves) by checking out our Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge services. Indeed, our pros are more than happy to help you through anything and everything that can be done during a run of Master Salvation's Edge, from Boss Kills to Full Clears, to Armor and Weapon Farms or even a Full Seal, whatever it is, we've got you covered!


And if you need any help setting your service up, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team through that little Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of the page.



What's the Exotic Weapon that I can get through you Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge?

The new Exotic Strand Linear Fusion Rifle called Euphony is what you've got in mind. Just like all of its Raid Exotic contemporaries, Euphony has a small chance to drop from the final boss of the raid, though there are certain Triumphs that can boost its droprate. Euphony is a rather unique weapon, boasting a decidedly Threading-oriented playstyle, which is further reinforced by its Exotic Perk - Unwound, which spawns threadlings and increases damage during sustained fire. So if you're looking to get your hands on this brand new Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle, our Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge are right up your alley!

What is a Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge?

Our Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge services are dedicated to helping you clear the Master Mode of Destiny 2's latest raid, Salvation's Edge. Considering the resoundingly positive reception it has recieved thus far, alongside its historically difficult Day 1, where only one single team managed to beat the 24hr timer, its Master Mode will no dobut be remembered as one of the best raiding experiences in the history of Destiny 2. Besides, Master Mode gets you a lot of cool, very powerful gear, including Raid Border versions of the already great legendary guns!

How do Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge runs work at Blazingboost?

In general, our Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge services will function pretty much the same as all our other Master Raid services. After you pick which sort of service you want, be it a Boss Kill or Full Clear, you'll get to select whether you want your run done as a Sherpa or Recovery (keep in mind, we'll always recommend the latter due to it being 100% safe), after which we'll assign you a booster, and set your order's start up.

If you purchase a Recovery, one of our pros will log on your account while utilizing a VPN. Once your order is completed, you will be informed, so you can login and change your password. Although we'll always do our best to keep your account safe, unless you choose the Sherpa option, we can't guarantee that your account will be safe no matter what.

What are some of the rewards I get from a run of Master Raid Boost - Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge?

While Salvation's Edge has a ton of goodies to grab, some of the best include:

Six new Legendary Weapons:

  • Summum Bonum - Legendary Arc Sword
  • Fourthcoming Deviance - Legendary Void Glave
  • Critical Anomaly - Stasis Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Nullify - Solar Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Imminence - Strand Legendary Submachine Gun
  • Non-Denouement - Arc Legendary Bow

And their corresponding Red Borders, as well as the brand new Raid Exotic, a Strand Linear Fusion Rifle called Euphony, whose Perk and abilities make it a perfect fit for any Threading-based build. Barring all those, you can also earn a new Exotic Ship, Ghost Shell, and if you're up to the task, a new Seal!