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About our Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 services:


Now that the dust has settled and players have picked apart all the secrets Salvation's Edge hid, the time has come to clear it out once again - through Normal Mode! Although most of the hype often surrounds special modes and events like Day 1, Contest Mode or Master Mode, there's something about a Normal Mode clear that no other service can quite capture.


Be it to learn all the ins and outs of this new Raid, or to sit back and enjoy a chill experience, or to try your hand at snagging some Legendaries, our Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 is the perfect place for you.


From farming Powerful gear to getting you that sweet Salvation's Edge Seal, or even the prestigious Fates Intertwined Emblem, you can find it all, and more, here in our Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 page.


Should anything catch your eye, or if you're in need of a hand getting your service set up, our 24/7 Support Team would be more than happy to help. You can reach out to them through the little Live Chat button in the bottom right corner of the page.



What are Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2?

Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 is our hub page for all things Normal Mode. While most people like to talk about Master Mode and all the sweet stuff you can get there, almost all of them first set foot on Salvation's Edge through its Normal Mode. And no wonder, come the new expansion and its changes to Power Level scaling & caps, so too rises the need for new gear, weapons, armor and more. And unless you've gotten extremely lucky with your loot drops, Normal Mode's going to be the best possible place for you to gear up.

What exactly is Salvation's Edge, and why should I buy a boost for it?

Salvation's Edge is Destiny 2's newest Raid, and suffice it to say, its most challenging one yet. Following Bungie's promise to make the Final Shape 'bigger and bolder' than those before it, they've added a metric ton of stuff both in and out of the raid, including more than 12 new legendary weapons, a new Exotic - Euphony, new Ghost Shells, Armors, Ships and much, much more. Of course, the simplest way to go about starting your Salvation's Edge item collection is through Normal Mode, and there's no better way to clear normal mode than through our Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 services!

How do Normal Raid Runs - Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2 work at Blazingboost?

Our Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Boost work more or less the same way as all of our other raiding services. Its fairly simple, all you've gotta do is decide which sort of service you'd like to order, then decide whether you want it done in Sherpa or Recovery. Although we offer clears in both modes, we'll always recommend you at least consider Sherpa, since it is 100% safe, and can also be a ton of fun since you'll be playing alongside some of the best players in the entire game!

Depending on your chosen option, you'll be put into either a Sherpa or Recovery convo alongside your assigned booster, where the two of you will be able to schedule your order, and if it is a Recovery, to sort out the finer details, like providing 2FA codes or login details.

However, we must preface that Recovery is not a safe service. It goes directly against Bungie's Terms of Service, and is thus considered a risky venture, which is why we so strongly urge you to go for a Sherpa run instead. Still, if you do choose to proceed with a Recovery run, our pros will always use a VPN when connecting to your account in order to mask their location and maximize your safety. Still, this is far from an airtight solution, and its best to keep in mind that the risk will always be there when it comes to Recoveries.