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All of our pros regularly upload proofs (such as videos or alike) for every single PvE and PvP order completion. Even if our pros are routinely screened, our dedicated team still reviews every order.

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Sherpa Pit of Heresy Dungeon in Destiny 2
1-12h Estimated Starting Time
3-24h Estimated Completion Time

Sherpa Pit of Heresy Dungeon

We will help you through a run of the Pit of Heresy Dungeon from the Shadowkeep Expansion


We will help you through a run of the Pit of Heresy Dungeon.

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon was released in Destiny 2 during the Shadowkeep expansion. It is a raid-like activity, designed for a fireteam of 3 guardians, that has 4 different steps and different mechanics to be completed. It will award 3 Legendary drops of Shadowkeep seasonal armor and weapons. The final boss will always drop high stat armor if you're looking to get your other characters some gear, look no further. Get your ghost ready and have fun playing with our pros to defeat Zulmak!


  • On this page, you can view the product's description and customize your order with Extra Options.
  • After purchasing, we need you to kindly provide us your order information (such as the Guardian you want us to complete the service on, for example).
  • In the meanwhile, we will get in touch on Discord to start working on your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.
  • We will match you with a pro that fits your needs and organise the service's start, keeping you up to date!
  • If you buy a Sherpa service, we will create a group conference between you and your assigned pro, so you can schedule and meet each other in game. Sherpas are always recommended for 100% safety. 
  • If you buy a Recovery service, we will find a pro that will log on your account and start as soon as possible. You will be able to communicate with them directly through a Discord channel to exchange login codes.


  • In the meanwhile, our post-purchase support can always assist you in Discord DMs for any question, 24/7!

Requirements & Rules


- 1600+ Power Level
- Shadowkeep
- Pit of Heresy Dungeon unlocked


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