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Grandmaster Nightfall is the peak of Destiny 2 PvE activities, requiring you to have a light level to even access the playlist. They are the hardest version of the Vanguard strikes which happen every week at a random location. Depending on the location you need to have a specific DLC to access that location so the DLC requirement is different based on each week.

Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes are popular due to them dropping Pinnacle rewards and Weekly Powerful Rewards helping with Power Leveling. Most importantly, these activities drop Nightfall Adept weapons. Book your GM Nightfall boost today and don't miss out on these incredible rewards!



What is a GM Nightfall Strike?

Nightfalls are a harder version of Vanguard Strikes (Strikes are activities that require 3 players. Nightfalls are challenging activities, especially when the highest difficulty level is selected (Master or Grandmaster). 


Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes are the peak of Destiny 2 PvE activities, always at the highest Seasonal Power Level.


Here at BlazingBoost, we offer various types of Grandmaster Nightfall completions, plus some connected services, like the Ascendant Shard material farming (needed to Masterwork any kind of Armor), or some discounted Bundles.

Why should I buy a GM Nightfall Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Players will unlock the weekly Pinnacle Reward and the weekly Powerful Reward.
  • Players will be able to obtain all the Nightfall Adept Weapons, obtainable only through Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes completion.
  • Players are required to complete each seasonal Nightfall at Grandmaster Level to complete the Gilded Conqueror Seal and unlock Conqueror in-game Title.

How to complete a GM Nightfall in Destiny 2?

Players will need to complete a full run of the Weekly featured Grandmaster Nightfall Strike selected as Nightfall.

What are the requirements to complete a GM Nightfall in Destiny 2?

  • Players will need to own the current season & the weekly nightfall DLC.
  • Players will need to be 1595+ Power Level to complete Grandmaster Nightfall.

Why is it challenging to complete GM Nightfall in Destiny 2?

  • Grandmaster Nightfalls are high-end activities, meaning that they are among the hardest activities in Destiny 2, especially when the Grandmaster difficulty is selected.
  • Players will be required to have a very good knowledge of the game mechanics to complete a full run of Nightfall.