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Ranks in Destiny 2 correspond to the reputation that you earn at three different vendors - Lord Shaxx for Crucible Ranks, Zavala for Vanguard Ranks and the Drifter for Gambit Ranks.

For each milestone (for example Rank 4, Rank 7, Rank 10...) you get valuable rewards such as Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, Ornaments, Exotic Engrams, Ritual Weapons etc.


For this exact reason we recommend going for a Ranks Sherpa Carry, this will allow you to get through those ranks in no time at all and let you acquire your desired loot.



Why should I buy a Ranks Sherpa Carry?

Buying a Ranks Sherpa Carry lets you avoid LFG and the stress of going through potential multiple losses or endless lengthy grinding. Grab yourself a Ranks Sherpa Carry and we’ll have one of our pros carry you through it stress-free.

What are the requirements for getting a Ranks Sherpa Carry in Destiny 2?

  • Players generally don’t need any expansions for this type of content.

Why is it difficult to earn Ranks Rewards in Destiny 2?

  • Players will need to spend a lot of time to get their desired rewards.
  • Depending on which ranks you’re doing, you might require multiple wins in a row to get the most effective progress.