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ABOUT The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boost SERVICES:

With the long awaited launch of the Final Shape looming ever closer, the Destiny 2 community has quickly caught fire with news of a new Raid releasing alongside the universe's penultimate chapter. With the release date being less than a month away, set to debut on June 7th of this year, Guardians all across the globe are scrambling to prepare their fireteams for the most difficult peice of content in Destiny's history, the infamous Day One Raid!

Many Guardians might remember the sheer difficulty of Destiny's last Day 1 race all the way back with the release of Crota's End, which to this day stands as the single most difficult peice of content ever released. And it is due to this difficulty that it is also remembered as one of the most fun events Destiny's ever had. Thus, its no wonder why so many people are excited for the launch of a brand new raid, promising brand new challenges, rewards and enemies to face, not to mention the elusive Day 1 Emblem, something only a handful of players have ever managed to acquire.

And through our The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boost services, you too can be one of the lucky few who can claim to have conquered a Day 1 Raid!

Though we don't yet know what exactly to expect come the new Raid, judging by the last one's release, we're likely in for one hell of a difficult, challenging, and absolutely fun-filled time. And best of all, you don't even need to wait for June 7th to take your place among the Day 1 greats, as preorders are already open!

So book your spot today, and get ready to tackle your very own The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boost! Should you need help setting up your preorder, our 24/7 LiveChat and Discord support staff would be more than willing to help! Simply reach out to us through the on-site LiveChat button, and we'll be right with you.



What is a Destiny 2 Day 1 Raid?

Day 1 raids are the on-release versions of raids, which usually means that they are the most difficult content available in the game at the moment of the DLCs launch. Day 1 raids are infamous for their extreme difficulty, but just as well, for being one of the most unique, fun and acessible experiences one can find in Destiny 2. Due to the strict restrictions set by Contest Mode, the standard modifier with which all new Raids launch in Destiny 2, most Guardians will be on a level playing field during the first few hours of the Final Shape.

Beyond the challenging experience and the clout you'd earn for completing it, Day 1 Raids also offer a uique Emblem given to those who've managed to fell the final boss of the raid within 24 hours of its launch, with Contest Mode still in effect. Through our The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boost services, you too can be one of these lucky few!

What is Contest Mode?

Contest Mode is a modifier that every new raid releases with, which lowers Guardians' Power Level by up to 20 points and restricts the use of certain weapons and armor in order to ensure a level playing field. Contest Mode is, as the name implies, intended to be Destiny 2's most difficult challenge, pitting all those who attempt it against extremely difficult enemies while potentially being unable to use some of their favorite and most powerful builds, all while under the pressure of having very limited time to complete this new content: only 24 hours for Day 1, and 48 hours to beat Contest Mode. After the the first two days are done, Contest Mode ends, enabling players to use their full Power and any weapons, armor or builds they like. However, once Day 1 and 2 go away, so too do the Emblems you'd earn by completing the Day 1 and Contest Mode versions of the raid.


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When is the Final Shape going to release?

Destiny 2's Final Shape is set to release on June 4th, 2024.

How does The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boosting work at Blazing Boost?

The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boosts, although very similar to our other Raid boosting services, have some unqiue elements:

  1. Difficulty. Day 1 raids are extremely difficult, with only the best of the best of Destiny 2's playerbase ever having even the chance to try their luck in Contest Mode. This is extremely difficult content, and thus, you'll need to book an early spot to make your chances of getting that Day 1 Emblem as high as can be.
  2. Limits. Due to the time limit and challenge posed by Contest Mode, and there only being so many boosters that can tackle this type of content, you'll need to book a clear early to make sure that we can find you a spot.
  3. Availability. Due to the overwhelming difficulty of Day 1 Raids, this service is only available in Recovery, as the boosters will need as many experienced hands as they can get when battling through Contest Mode.

So if you're dead set on earning those Emblems, get yourself a surefire spot through our The Final Shape Day 1 Raid Boost preorders, available now!