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Wish Ender - Exotic Bow in Destiny 2
1-24h Estimated Starting Time
3-48h Estimated Completion Time

Destiny 2 Wish Ender - Exotic Bow

The Exotic Bow that makes you see through walls, the Wish Ender


We will complete the Wish Ender Exotic Quest and claim Wish Ender.

The Wish-Ender is an Exotic Bow that is acquired throughout a quest-line. It is useful in both PvE and PvP modes. The Bow has a unique perk, Queen’s Wrath, that while aiming can give you vision through walls.


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Sherpa is the only way to be completely safe with these services. In light of Bungie's Tweet in March 2023, Recoveries can be targeted and banned. If you still want to proceed with a Recovery service, we will use a VPN to protect you as much as possible, as we will connect to your country. However, this is never going to be a bulletproof protection. Sherpa is heavily recommended, as you can learn, have fun, and save a lot of time by playing with great pros. 


  1. 1940+ Power Level
  2. Forsaken
  3. The Final Shape Expansion

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Is Wish Ender better in PvE or PvP?

While the weapon is great in both activities due to its overall versatility, its still more of a must have for PvE, rather than PvP, since it has intrinsic anti-barrier, allowing you to easily deal with barrier champions in higher end content.

It also uses primary ammo, which in turn means that you don't have to worry about ammo efficiency or ammo drops. It also deals a ton of damage, making dealing with tougher enemies an absolute breeze from long ranges. This bow is also a kinetic weapon, meaning that it benefits from the flat 15% damage increase exclusive to kinetic weapons.

Even though the weapon is best used in PvE, hunters can still make great use of it in PvP, as they have specific bow oriented exotic armor pieces. With that particular combination they can keep up the weapon buff indefinitely allowing them to track your movement through walls without any issues.

Does Wish Ender have a catalyst?

Unfortunately, like many other quest related exotics, the Wish Ender doesn't have a catalyst as of now.

How to get Wish-Ender in Destiny 2?


1. Acquire the Quest:

  • Visit the Tower and interact with the Quest Archive terminal.
  • Under the Exotic tab, locate and pick up the "Hunter's Remembrance" quest (This method applies to Season 22 and onwards)

2. Speak to Petra Venj:

  • Travel to the Dreaming City and speak with Petra Venj to initiate the quest proper.

3. The Dreaming Tokens:

  • You'll be tasked with collecting three specific Dreaming Tokens:
    • Dreaming Token of Querim
    • Dreaming Token of Eriviks
    • Dreaming Token of Xavoth

4. Conquer the Shattered Throne Dungeon:

  • Each Dreaming Token requires a specific encounter completion within the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • You can find numerous guides detailing the encounters and best strategies for conquering the dungeon.

5. The Final Step:

  • Once you have collected all three Dreaming Tokens, return to Petra Venj to complete the quest and claim your Wish-Ender Exotic Bow.

What are the benefits of Wish-Ender Exotic Bow?

  • Unparalleled Wallhacks: Grants Guardians the unique ability to see enemies through walls, providing a significant tactical advantage in PvP and end-game PvE content.
  • Undisputed Ad Clear: With its ricocheting arrows and innate Anti-Barrier piercing rounds, Wish-Ender excels at clearing out large groups of enemies, making it ideal for high-ad density encounters.
  • Exotic Rarity: This bow is a coveted Exotic due to its challenging acquisition process and powerful perks, adding a touch of prestige to your arsenal.

Why is it difficult to get Wish-Ender in Destiny 2?

  • Players will need to spend several hours of gameplay in order to obtain this Exotic bow since it is a pretty long questline.
  • Players will need to complete Shattered Throne Dungeon, meaning they will have to complete a high-end Destiny 2 activity.