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In Destiny 2, a "God Roll" refers to a weapon with the absolute best combination of perks and barrel options for a specific purpose, be it Player versus Environment (PvE) or Player versus Player (PvP). It's essentially the holy grail of weapon drops, offering the highest potential damage output, stability, reload speed, or other beneficial attributes depending on the weapon and scenario.

Here's a breakdown:

  1. Perks: Weapons in Destiny 2 can drop with random perks attached to them. These perks modify the weapon's behavior in various ways, affecting things like damage, magazine size, recoil, handling, and more.
  2. Barrel Options: Similar to perks, weapons can also have different barrel options that slightly alter their base stats.
  3. God Roll Combination: The "God Roll" for a particular weapon is the specific combination of barrel option and perks that synergize perfectly, maximizing its effectiveness in a certain activity type (PvE or PvP). For example, a PvE God Roll for a sniper rifle might prioritize perks that increase damage and reload speed, while a PvP God Roll might focus on stability and aim assist.

Due to the specific nature of obtaining a god roll, the services do not have a specific ETA, and can last indefinitely, until the weapon is no longer obtainable from its original sources. For example, when a new season starts, both Trials, and Grandmaster nightfalls, will have 2 weapons from their current loot pool replaced by 2 new weapons instead. If that occurs, please contact our customer support either via Livechat, or Discord, to discuss a solution for the service.



How do your services for God Roll weapons work?

We offer our god rolls service for nearly every non-craftable weapon in the game. The weapons that are being covered by our services directly are ones that come from:

  • Dares of Eternity
  • Raids
  • Dungeon
  • Playlist Activities

There you will be able to find services for more specific activities. Once you find the activity you’re looking for, simply select the weapon you’d like us to focus on and then choose the amount of specific perks you’d like us to obtain.

In case you’re unable to find your desired weapon, you can fill out our Custom God Roll Form, and our support will get back to you with a quote for the requested item.

How do Dares of Eternity God Roll farms work?

Dares of Eternity has a loot pool that changes every week. There are a total of four different loot pools for Dares of Eternity as of Season of the Wish. This makes it so that each week, in a cycle of four weeks, different weapons will be available, and obtainable from the activity. If you purchase a weapon that's in the Week 1 rotation of dares, then our pros will work on farming the weapon, when said rotation is avaible.

How do Raid God Roll farms work?

When it comes to our Raid God Roll farms, we offer weapons from every single raid. Mainly focusing on their adept counterparts where available. Weapons from Last Wish, and Deep Stone Crypt are not offered in our God Rolls category, since all of the weapons can be crafted. For raids, such as Vault of Glass, Vow of the Disciple, King’s Fall, Root of Nightmares and Crota’s End, we offer God Roll farms for Adept weapons only!

It is important to note, that adept weapons from Vault of Glass, Vow of the Disciple, King’s Fall and Root of Nightmares, can only be farmed why the raids are in rotation. As access to the Master mode of the raid is required to obtain the adept versions of the weapons.

Additionally, you can also find a god roll farm service for Garden of Salvation raid, as it’s currently the only raid that doesn’t support crafted weapons, nor does it have Master difficulty available as of Season of the Wish.

When farming for a specific roll, the pros will either farm master encounter challenges, or spoils of conquest to purchase the adept weapon rolls.

How do Dungeon God Roll Farms work?

When it comes to dungeons, there are certain periods when the weapon can be more focus famred. That time of course is when said dungeon is in rotation. Otherwise, the pros will onyl be able to farm the required encounter 3 times per week (if the other guardians meet the requirements). Weapons from Warlord's ruin can be farmed indefinitely, as it is the most recent dungeon in the game as of Season of the Wish.

How do Playlist God Roll Farms work?

  1. Vanguard and Grandmaster Nightfalls

    Grandmaster Nightfall weapons will be farmed, once they are in the weekly rotation. Once the desired weapon is in rotation, the pro will focus on obtaining the roll as much as possible depending on the release date of the weapon. As the oldest weapons in the loot pool get replaced every season.
    There are also general nightfall and vanguard weapons which cannot be obtained from direct sources. This makes them only obtainable via vanguard engram focusing. Meaning that the pro will focus on earning vanguard engrams by ranking up your Vanguard Reputation
  2. Crucible

    Most crucible weapons can be obtained by playing PvP in Destiny 2, however, some are no longer available as direct drops, and a similar approach will be taken to them as vanguard weapons. Additionally, some weapons like Rose, will require our pros to play the competitive playlist. The pro, is not responsable for dropping a rank, nor does the service guarantee any rank increase in Competitive PvP.
  3. Gambit

    Most gambit weapons can be obtained by playing the Gambit playlist in Destiny 2, however, some are no longer available as direct drops, and a similar approach will be taken to them as vanguard and crucible weapons.
  4.  Trials of Osiris

    For Trials of Osiris, we offer farms for both Adept and non-adept weapons, mainly the ones that are currently not in the Adept loot pool. In order to farm the adept weapons, the pro will do a mercy passage on the required week, and farm wins after going flawless throughout the weekend. For non-adept weapons, the service will be treated similarly to gambit, vanguard, and crucible weapons, where the main focus will be to gain reputation. For non-adept weapons, flawless is not guaranteed in any way, shape, or form.