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Deep Stone Crypt is the raid introduced by Bungie with the Beyond Light expansion. The raid was released on the 21st of November!
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What is Deep Stone Crypt exactly?

  • Destiny Raids are the peak of PvE endgame activity: players must form a fireteam of 6 guardians, and enter a multistep tough activity, with different mechanics for every step and a final boss encounter. Deep Stone Crypt is the Raid that Bungie has introduced in Destiny 2 within the new Beyond Light expansion. Deep Stone Crypt takes place on Europa, a new location introduced also within Beyond Light. As per every Destiny Raid activity, the Deep Stone Crypt raid comes with full exclusive armor and weapons sets that they can get only from this raid. We offer different types of Deep Stone Crypt Raid Boost.

Why should I buy a Deep Stone Crypt raid boost?

Buying a Deep Stone Crypt raid carry will help you a lot with your character progress, allowing you to save a lot of time. The raid can also be pretty difficult. 
In terms of rewards, Spoils of Conquest for old Vaulted Weapons, and Triumphs are one of the main reasons to buy a raid carry.
Most of our customers also purchase Raid boosts once they have completed them at least once - it can be boring to complete the same raid over and over, every single week! We can take care of it.

  • Players will get the chance to obtain all the exclusive armor and weapons from Deep Stone Crypt raid.
  • Players will earn exclusive emblem, and triumphs if they complete specific challenges inside the raid.

How to complete Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2?

  • Players have to form a fireteam composed of 6 guardians and beat all the steps and mechanics of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
  • Players must have some good knowledge of all the steps mechanics and in general of PvE mechanics.

Which are requirements in order to be able to complete Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2?

  • Players must own the Beyond Light Expansion and the Current Season or the Season Pass.
  • Players must have a minimum power level of 1210.

Why is it difficult to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2?

  • Raids are the peak of Destiny 2 endgame, so players will have to have a good knowledge of endgame mechanics to survive all the encounters.
  • Players will have to have good coordination with their teammates to beat all the steps without wiping.