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About Destiny 2's newest expansion: The Final Shape


Long have we waited for the Final Shape to take form, and come June 4th, we will finally be able to take on Destiny 2's most hyped up expansion to date. Following the last, and unexpectedly content heavy patch titled Into the Light, Guardians across the globe are already scrambling to get their builds together in preparation for all that the new expansion is expected to offer.


Although Bungie has been very tight lipped regarding the details of the Final Shape's debut, we've already got a long list of content that will very likely hit servers alongside the expansion, including:

  • Day 1 of the newly announced Raid
  • Not one, but TWO new Dungeons
  • A slew of new Campaign missions to tackle
  • Tons of new Weapons, Armor and Exotics
  • New Customizable "Prismatic" Subclasses

and more!


Keep in mind that alongside all these new additions, a wide array of extant content will be sunsetted after the release of The Final Shape, incuding the recently added Pantheon and Onslaught events, which will mean that all Brave weapons as well as the recently returned Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected will likewise become unobtainable. Apart from that, many Gambit maps, Nightfalls and many older weapons will also be headed for the vaults, so get them while you can!

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Should you need help getting set up or any other questions, our 24/7 Support Team is here at your beck and call: simply click the LiveChat button on the bottom right corner of the page, or reach out to us on Discord, and we'll be with you in a moment's notice!

Stay tuned, as this page will be updated as more information comes to Light (pun very much intended).




What is the Final Shape?

The Final Shape is Destiny 2's next and penultimate expansion, set to feature a climactic showdown against one of the most built-up, long term antagonists of the entire series, the Witness. Set to release on June 4th, the Final Shape has already shown a lot of promise, with things such as a brand new Raid, two new dungeons, an entirely new customizable "Prismatic" subclass for all three classes, a suite of new Armor, Weapons and Exotics, all capped off with an array of Campaign Missions set to release in episodic content patches throughout the expansion's lifetime.

Since that's an awful lot of content to dive into head on, you'll probably want to keep an eye out for certain limited time events set to debut alongside the expansion, primarily its Day 1 Raid and Dungeon, which feature some of the most difficult content in all of Destiny and offer a unique Emblem if you manage to beat them within the 48hr time limit following the Final Shape's release.

When will the Final Shape release?

The Final Shape is set to release on Tuesday June 4th, alongside the global reset at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT.

What sort of content can I expect from the Final Shape?

Keeping up with the momentum established by its last massive content update, Into the Light, Destiny 2's new expansion promises a whole array of new content to tackle, including:

  • Two new Dungeons
  • Tons of new Equipment
  • A brand new Raid
  • Customizable new "Prismatic" subclass available to all 3 Guardian types
  • A new episodic Campaign

and more!

What is the Final Shape Day 1 content?

Day 1 content is the on-release versions of all new raids and dungeons, featuring a unique modifier called "Contest Mode" which turns them from an already challenging experience into the most difficult thing in all of Destiny 2. During the first 48 hours after release, the new Raid and Dungeon debuting with the Final Shape will be playable with a suite of difficulty-increasing modifiers, including -20 effective power level within the instance, restricted use of certain exotics and armor sets, massively increased enemy stats, and a hard 48 hour compeltion deadline. Should you succeed in clearing this content out within the time limit, you'll be awarded a special Emblem, which only a fraction of the playerbase has ever been able to acheive.

Can I pre order The Final Shape boosting services?

Of course! Both Day 1 Raid and Campaign Completion preorders are already available on this very page. Stay tuned for more, as we'll be adding penty more where those come from as more information becomes available.