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What is a PvE Sherpa Carry?

A PvE Sherpa carry entails the booster carrying you through your desired PvE activity trouble-free. This, as mentioned at the top of the page, doesn’t include coaching or voice communication but only a fireteam member to play along with you. There are no limits to which PvE activity you’d like to play but of course, there is a time limit depending on the number of hours you’ve purchased.

Why should I buy a PvE Sherpa Carry?

By buying a PvE Sherpa Carry, the booster will be carrying you through any desired PvE activity, this will save you quite a lot of time and you’ll have a ton of fun smashing the enemies found within the activity.

You don't have to go through the LFG to search for a team mate who is competent enough to play - you can just purchase our boost instead and be sure that you've got a skilled pro to keep you company!

What are the requirements for getting a PvE Sherpa Carry?

There are no general requirements. Every PvE activity has its own requirement.