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What is a PvP Sherpa Carry?

A PvP Sherpa carry entails that the booster will carry you through your desired PvP activity trouble-free. This, as mentioned at the top of the page, doesn’t include coaching or voice communication but only basic tips.

There are no limits to which PvP activity you’d like to play but of course, there is a time limit depending on the number of hours you’ve purchased. The completion of the activity is not guaranteed.

Why should I buy a PvP Sherpa Carry?

By buying a PvP sherpa carry the booster will be carrying you through any desired PvP activity, this will save you quite a lot of time and you’ll have a ton of fun smashing the opponents.

What are the requirements for getting a PvP Sherpa Carry?

There are no general requirements. The only requirement would be having a high enough Power Level to play Trials of Osiris if you wish to do so.