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Nightfall Strikes are a 3 player activity that resembles Dungeons. Finding a team that can carry you to get your adept weapons in Grand Master Nightfall Strikes can be a nightmare, as you don't know who you're teaming up with and their skill. But with our Nightfall Sherpa Carry service, you're guaranteed to play with the top destiny players that will make nightfalls feel like a breeze.


Nightfall Difficulties:

  • Adept: base difficulty.
  • Hero: minor difficulty increases with a minimal chance of obtaining exotic armor.
  • Legend: slightly increased difficulty with a small chance for better rewards, including exotic armor.
  • Master: significant increase in difficulty with an increasing chance for better rewards including high-stat armor and exotics.
  • Grandmaster: the most challenging content in the game with the best drops, guaranteed exotic loot if you kill all champions.


Grandmaster Nightfalls are one of the hardest activities within the game, in the range of Master Raids and Dungeons. They are mandatory for every serious player due to unique loot pools and a weekly rotation of weapons.


The Title and Seal associated with Grandmaster Nightfalls is "Conqueror" which requires the completion of six different Grandmaster Nightfalls using all four subclasses, a high score, and 100 Champions defeated in Nightfall strikes.


You can get the Gilded Conqueror Seal by completing all seasonally rotated Grandmaster Nightfalls through a launch node within the Vanguard playlist.

The Six Grandmaster Nightfalls on the list in Season of the Plunder are:

  • The Glassway
  • The Lightblade
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
  • The Disgraced
  • Exodus Crash
  • The Devils' Lair


Grandmaster Nightfalls usually require a high amount of coordination, ammo economy, and tricks only the Pro players know. Go on a journey with professional players and experience Destiny 2 endgame with our Nightfall Strikes Boost found on this page



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