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Exotic Weapons are some of the most powerful and unique weapons in Destiny 2. Their limitation is that you can only equip one Exotic weapon per character. Exotics come in many different types from Pulse Rifles, to Grenade Launchers. Each with its own pros and cons.


Exotics are useful in PvP and PvE Environments and have a high damage output for their stats. They are challenging to get because you need to farm specific activities multiple times to even have a chance of them dropping. 


With our Exotic Weapons Boost service, you can get our (Sherpa / Selfplay) boost to have a 101% safe carry experience to get your desired weapon, or if you’re strapped on time and need the weapon farmed as soon as possible you can get our (Recovery / Piloted) boost which lets the booster login to your account to get your desired weapon.




What are the Exotic Weapons?

In the Destiny 2 game, there are 4 rarity values for weapons and armors: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic. Exotic Weapons are the rarest Weapons of the game, and they all have fixed unique perks (perks that only a specific piece of gear, armor, or weapon, has in the entire game). Exotic Weapons are bound to different activities in the Destiny 2 game: some of them are bound to Exotic Quests, some are simple World Drops, some others are bound to Activities Drops. Buying a boost for Exotic Weapons means that the booster will play in order to find the desired Exotic Weapon.

What are the benefits of buying an Exotic Weapon Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Players will get the selected Exotic Weapon.
  • Players will get the other drops while playing specific activities or quest in order to find the selected Exotic Weapon.

How to get Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Exotic Weapons can be found anywhere in the game, but the best ones are usually bound to Quest or specific Activities.
  • Some very good Exotic Weapons are also bound to World Drops.

Which are requirements in order to be able to get an Exotic Weapons Boost in Destiny 2?

There are no general requirements. Every Weapon has its own requirement depending on how players can get that weapon: some are bound to Raids, some are bound to Exotic Quests, and so on.

Why is it difficult to earn Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Some Exotic Weapons could take up to tons of hours of farming the same activity to actually get them, like the World Drop ones or the Raid ones.
  • Some Exotic Weapons are also bound to difficult activities, like Raids or specific Exotic Quests.

How long would it take to do it by yourself if you are:

  • New Player: New players will have a tough time because they won’t be able to properly farm the desired weapon. 
  • Average player: Average players will struggle too because they don’t know how to properly farm the desired weapon.
  • Expert: Expert players will get the desired Exotic Weapons as soon as they can, farming the related activity over and over to get it.