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Exotic Weapons and Catalysts are one of, if not the MOST important things in Destiny 2. Each player can only equip one Exotic Weapon per character and the same goes for Catalysts, each Exotic Weapon that has a Catalyst can only have one. Depending on the method of obtaining these, they take a lot of time to farm and would usually take days, weeks, or months even depending on what you’re looking to get! This is where we come into play, by getting a boost for either an Exotic Weapon or a Catalyst we can get that completed for you. This saves you the time and effort of going through countless hours and guides on how to obtain said weapon, buy a boost today and we’ll get that pesky Exotic Weapons and Catalysts boost for you.



What are the Exotics Weapons and Catalysts?

In Destiny 2, there are 4 rarity values for weapons, armor, and materials: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic. Exotic is the rarest value of the game: Weapon and Armor have unique perks, Catalysts enhance specific Weapon's statistics or perks, and Materials are usually very rare and used to upgrade Exotic Armor or to obtain old Exotic Weapons. Exotics Weapons, Armor, and Catalysts are bound to different activities in Destiny 2: some of them are bound to Exotic Quests, some are simple World Drops, and some others are bound to Activities Drops. Buying a boost for Exotic Weapons and Catalysts means that the booster will play in order to find the desired Exotic Weapon or Catalyst.

What are the benefits of buying Exotic Weapons and Catalysts?

  • Players will get the selected Exotic Weapon or Catalyst.
  • Players will get many other drops while playing specific activities or quests in order to find the selected Exotic Weapon or Catalyst.

How are Exotic Weapons and Catalysts obtained?

  • Some Exotic Weapons and Catalysts can be found anywhere in the game, but the best ones are usually bound to Quests or specific Activities.
  • Some very good Exotic Weapons are also bound to World Drops or RNG drops in last boss encounters in raids.

What are the requirements for getting an Exotic Weapons and Catalysts boost?

  • There are no general requirements. Every Weapon, Armor, or Catalyst has its own requirement depending on how players can get what they desire: some are bound to Raids, some are bound to Exotic Quests, and so on.

Why is it difficult to earn Exotic Weapons and Catalysts?

  • Some Exotic Weapons and Catalysts could take up to tons of hours of farming the same activity to actually get them, like the World Drop ones or the Raid ones.
  • Some Exotic Weapons and Catalysts are also bound to difficult activities, like Raids or specific Exotic Quests.