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The brave weapon arsenal includes some of the greatest weapons from Destiny 2. Most of them have unfortunately been sunset in the past, making them mostly unusable in current end-game content, while others were previously locked behind paid expansions. With Into the Light, Bungie wanted to provide their player base with something they've been constantly asking for. Legendary weapons such as the Recluse, the Mountaintop, and Blast Furnace, all are making a triumphant return, with an updated perk pool, intrinsic perks and origin trait. 

Brave weapons currently come in two variants, one of them being a limited edition that will only be obtainable until the release of the Final Shape, which arrives on the 4th of June. These limited edition variants host two perk rows, allowing you to go for hybrid rolls that could be useful for specific encounters and scenarios. They also come equipped with a unique ornament that gives them a shining yellow glow, as well as some animated parts on the weapon.



How do you get the Superblack Shader?

The Superblack shader requires the players to obtain special keys. These keys are obtained by gaining Rank 17 with Shaxx in the Hall of Champions, and by completing every single Brave Weapon quest. Once you do so, you'll be able to unlock the special container in which a blob of dark matter is being stored.

How does attunement work for Brave Weapons?

Attunement is one of the most important mechanics when you're trying to farm for a specific weapon, as attuning for it increases the chances for it to drop from the Onslaught activity. To unlock attunement you first need to complete the quest for that particular weapon, which is obtainable from Shaxx in the Hall of Champions. Once the quest is completed, you will be able to attune for your chosen weapon, as well as awarded with a curated limited edition variant of the gun.

How are the weapons being introduced into the game?

The full list of weapons from the Brave arsenal is planned to become available over time. At the beginning of the update, we'll be starting out with 6 weapons, going all the way up to 12 week by week, until the 30th of April.

The six weapons that are available at launch are:

  • Elsie's Rifle
  • Falling Guillotine
  • Edge Transit
  • The Recluse
  • Hung Jury SR4
  • Succession

Every weekly reset two more weapons will be added to the loot pool, and all weapons will become obtainable on the 30th of April. 

Here's the release order of the remaining weapons:

April 16th: 

  • The Mountaintop
  • Midnight Coup

April 23rd:

  • Hammerhead
  • Forbearance

April 30th:

  • Blast Furnace
  • Luna's Howl

This means that on the 30th of April, the new Superblack shader will also become available! Keep an eye out for new weapons, as some of them can have amazing perk combinations. The hand cannon, Luna's Howl, can get the long-forgotten perk Magnificent Howl, or a combination of Slideshot & Opening shot, which can be a menace in PvP.



How do I buy a Brave Weapon boost?

We offer a ton of customization for our Brave weapon boosts so that you may have the smoothest experience possible. When you find the weapon you're looking for you'll be met with options such as:

  • Obtaining the weapon in it's Limited-Time Variant, which will have two rows of perks
  • Adjusting the price of the service if you have attunement unlocked for the service, a whole 30% off the price!
  • Getting the quest for the weapon done and unlocking its attunement with the Shaxx Quest option

Some other options you should check out would be our Sherpa options. Sherpas are the best way to experience the game, while not risking any kind of account suspensions or bans. As Recoveries will always carry some kind of risk since Bungie is openly against recoveries.