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Why should I buy a Collective Obligation exotic weapon boost?

Similar to other exotics from the previous 2 raids (Eye of tomorrow from Deep Stone Crypt and Vex Mythoclast from Vault of Glass), Collective Obligation has a very low drop rate. That means that you will need to defeat the last raid boss (Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness) multiple times to obtain this pulse rifle. If you are really lucky you can get it in just a couple of tries, and if you are unlucky it can be between 20-60 attempts or even more.


This is where our service comes in handy, for people who don’t have time to grind or who are unable to find a steady and reliable team that is ready to commit to this long process. The most important part is: You are paying for a GUARANTEED weapon, which means we will farm Collective obligation until you get it, no matter how many times our teams have to kill Rhulk.


With this service you will also keep every weapon or armor piece that you get during this boost, nothing will be deleted or taken from you; and since Vow of Disciple is a source of Pinnacle gear, you will have at least one Pinnacle gear piece per week to increase your Power level (As long as you are under pinnacle cap, of course).


Why should I buy Collective Obligation exotic weapon carry from you?

We are a company with long-term experience in boosting business, over 10 years in Wow and over 2 years in Destiny 2 game. Many of our supporters are active Destiny 2 players who are aware of the current state of the game and that can give you better insight in everything that is relevant for you to know.


When we are talking about obtaining a Collective obligation pulse rifle, we are aware of how tedious and tiresome this process can be. To help you with this we can provide you with some of the best players in Destiny 2 game; well organized, patient, geared and focused teams.


Our focus is especially on:

  • - providing a realistic and precise time for order completion
  • - offering a competitive and most affordable price on the market
  • - providing an excellent support service through our website’s and discord chat (available 24/7, 365 days a year)
  • - Always improving in every aspect possible.


Your customer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. Delivering a good experience is as important to us as a service itself. We have many loyal and trusting customers already which can be confirmed by our Trustpilot, over 23 000 reviews with 5/5 score.



Who is going to boost me?

We have many excellent teams at our disposal; every booster is tested before joining our company, to ensure a high quality service. This includes boosters on every available platform: PC, XBOX, PS4/PS5.


Our boosters have teams that are ready and assembled specially for boosting you through the raid, many of them even completed Day 1 raid on contest mode. They already know all the tricks, weapons that are needed, optimal armor stats, mods, and everything else. Basically they know this raid in and out already, which will ensure successful and fast completion.


The only choice that you have to make is to decide to play together with one of our teams (Sherpa), or you will choose to do this service with account sharing (Recovery).


What happens after purchasing? Will I lose access to my account?

Once you place your Collective Obligation order you will need to join our “Contact Only” Discord server: “”.

This will allow you to message our Discord support account: “BlazingBoost Destiny2#2444” for Destiny 2. You can also send a friend request to that same discord.


In case you ordered this service with account sharing option (recovery), we will start searching for available teams and inform you when we find someone. We will always tell you when someone will be using your account, that way you WILL NOT lose access to your account completely. You can play whenever our player is not using your account (this can be coordinated easily with our discord support).


In the case that you ordered with the Sherpa (selfplay) option, we will find you a team and create a chat on discord with them. This way you can organize your playing schedule with them, and play when is the most convenient for you.