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The Vow of the Disciple is a 6 men raid activity introduced in The Witch Queen expansion. This raid represents one of the best PVE experiences in Destiny 2 right now. You will go through 4 encounters, including a battle with the final boss Rhulk, the disciple of the Witness.

The Vow of the Disciple raid brings a whole lot of new challenges and secrets to Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. The raid isn't the game’s biggest, but it is substantial, putting you through your paces in puzzle-solving, team communication, and boss-fighting. There's a lot to uncover within this raid, though, and it's very easy to miss some of its best components - like the Deepsight Resonance guns you can earn with weekly chest completion or a random drop from 1st and 2nd raid encounter.

On this page, you can buy Vow of the Disciple raid services on normal difficulty with Recovery (account sharing) and Sherpa (self play) option, available on all platforms: PC, XBOX, and PS4/PS5.

You can get these rewards from the Vow of the Disciple raid on normal difficulty:

  -  Legendary weapons that can be obtained from every raid encounter and additional loot from secret chests;

  -  The raid armor set pieces;

  -  Collective Obligation exotic weapon can drop from the Rhulk encounter;

  -  Deepsight version of legendary raid weapons, used for crafting;

  -  Spoils of conquest, you can get 5 spoils per encounter and 5 for each secret chest


Why should I buy the Vow of the Disciple raid services boost?

Raids are the peak of the Destiny 2 endgame. They require good knowledge of endgame mechanics to survive all the encounters. The Vow of the Disciple raid is the new raid in Destiny 2, with tons of tough enemies with the highest power level in the game.


You can face many problems by trying to complete this raid, such as:

- Raiding with random people can be hard and full of toxicity. There is a lot of shaming and blaming each other when your team gets wiped. 

- Communication issues, either with random people or friends. You will need to solve puzzles, have good timing, every player has a role in each encounter. All of this requires coordination and the good communication, to avoid being stuck for a long time.

- Issues with gear and scheduling issues. Raiding with friends is great, but sometimes they are just not geared enough, or simply you can not schedule a playing time together.


We are here to solve those issues for you. More than anything else you need a quality and well organized team with well-defined roles and a team that is geared for this particular raid. And let’s not forget: It should be fun.


We have a number of skilled and experienced players that have completed many raids so far. Their main goal is to help you achieve what you paid for, and for you to have a pleasant experience. Therefore, either you choose to get The Vow of the Disciple carry in recovery (account sharing) or choose to play together with our boosters (Sherpa) you won’t make a mistake.


Sherpa will give you the opportunity to have a great time while learning a thing or two, without feeling the pressure of performing, our boosters will do most of the work.



Why should I buy the Vow of the Disciple raid services from you?

Blazing Boost is in the market since 2012. We are one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the market, reflected very well by our Trustpilot. Our managers and senior managers are gamers, just like you, and they know what is frustrating and how boring grinds can be.


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 We emphasize on:

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Who is going to boost me?

We have many excellent teams at our disposal; every booster is being tested before joining our company, to ensure a high quality service. This includes the boosters on every available platform: PC, XBOX, PS4/PS5.


Our boosters have teams that are ready and assembled specially for boosting you through the raid, many of them even completed Day 1 raid on contest mode. They already know all the tricks, weapons that are needed, optimal armor stats, mods, and everything else. Basically they know this raid in and out already, which will ensure successful and fast completion.


The only choice that you have to make is to decide between playing together with one of our teams (Sherpa) or doing this service with account sharing (Recovery).


What happens after purchasing? Will I lose access to my account?

After you've purchased a service, we have to get in touch on Discord. You can do so by adding us at "BlazingBoost Destiny2#2444".

Our support will pass you any important information there, but you will NOT lose access to your account while you have an open service with us.


In fact, we will start looking for a booster for your service right away, ensuring to get a good booster, and doing our best to accommodate any of your needs such as strict scheduling etc. by picking the right player for your order.


If you buy a Selfplay service (Sherpa), once a player has been found, you will be put in touch with him on Discord so you can schedule a time to play at.

If you choose the Account sharing version (Recovery), we will coordinate the login time with you once a booster has been found. Therefore, you can play whenever you want.


If you ever need any help with your service, our support is available 24/7 to assist you.


Is this service safe?

Account safety is a very important part of any boosting service. As a company with long term experience in boosting business, we pay special attention to our customer’s safety. That means we are always up to date with everything and we offer complete transparency to all our customers.


With that being said, Sherpa (selfplay) services for Destiny 2 are 100 % safe. There is no risk involved as you will play on your account, together with our boosters. We always recommend Sherpa not only for safety, but for an entertainment value too. You will experience the Vow of the Disciple raid from the front seat, learn a lot about strategy for this raid and the most efficient way to do it, and most importantly, have fun.


Another option that we offer is Recovery (account sharing). This means that you will leave us your account information, on the website, after the purchase. We will find a player to play for you; that player will be using a VPN to protect your account. We can guarantee that no cheats, bots or any external software will be used while someone is on your account; and that nothing will be removed from your account without your permission.


There is a small ban risk involved, in line with a new Bungie policy, against account sharing. As previously mentioned VPN will be used to lower that risk. We encourage you to think about Sherpa orders whenever possible, as a 100 % safe option. If that is not an option for you, we will do everything in our power to protect you.


What do I need to have before buying this service?

- You need to have The Witch Queen expansion

- Power level 1530 is required