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With the release of Destiny 2's 23rd Season, the Season of the Wish, has come a brand new dungeon for our Guardians to explore: the Warlord's Ruin. Having claimed a steady spot as one of Destiny 2's most difficult dungeons, even in Normal, it comes as no surprise that the Master version is that much more of a challenge.


Adding to the already lucrative loot pool of Warlord's Ruin's Normal Mode, Master offers an expanded bag of goodies for you to get - if you're up for the challenge. Apart from the already awesome stuff you could get through the Normal mode of Warlord's Ruin, such as the Dark Age armor set or well-known weapons as Indebted Kindness or Vengeful Whisper, clearing the dungeon in Master Difficulty will also earn you a unique Ghost shell - Zira's Shell, alongside a Triumph that significantly increases the drop rate of the seasonal exotic - the Buried Bloodline.


You'll also be getting Artifice Armor, which is some of the best armor in the game, allowing you to allocate 3 points in the stat of your choosing! So don't doddle, and get your Warlord's Ruin Master Clear today!



Why is having a high Power Level so important when getting Warlord's Ruin Master Clears?

Power Level is probably the single most important factor when it comes to sucessfully clearing Warlord's Ruin on Master Difficulty. The reason for this is due to how Power Level scaling works: damage taken and recieved is directly based on how high your PL is, and there is a significant difference between even having 1819 and 1820 PL. In Master Diffuclty, all mobs are 20 PL more powerful you by default, and every single point of PL that increases that distance will make you take exponentially more damage and deal exponentially less.

In practice, having a lower PL will make your service more difficult to complete. In Recovery, it will make it much more difficult for your booster to clear the dungeon using your character, while in Sherpa, it will also increase the difficulty by making your damage far lower and making you die far easier.

How is Master Mode different from Normal Mode in Warlord's Ruin?

The main difference between the Master and Normal Mode versions of a dungeon, including Warlord's Ruin, is that Master is significantly harder than its Normal counterpart. First comes a much higher Power Level requirement, increased enemy health and damage, and last but not least, the addition of Champion enemies - powerful foes with increased resistances and special modifiers.

Needless to say, Master Mode is not for the faint of heart!

What is the minimum Power Level I'll need to buy Warlord's Ruin Master Clears?

You should have at the very least 1800+ Power Level before going into Master. Anything below this will make clearing the dungeon basically impossible.

What kind of rewards will I get by buying Warlord's Ruin Master Clears?

Completing the Warlord's Ruin dungeon in Master Mode can earn you a wide array of lucrative rewards, including, but not limited to:

  • Artifice Armor, the best armor in the game
  • The Dark Age Armor Set
  • A wide array of powerful weapons
  • A chance to get the Buried Bloodline - the seasonal Exotic
  • A unique Ghost Shell - Zira's Shell
  • A Triumph that increases the Buried Bloodline's Droprate