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As of right now, there is not much that is known about the upcoming Season 23 dungeon, as Bungie have been extremely secretive about the whole dungeon release. Currently, even the name is being kept secret, and the only piece of available information we have officially, is the release date of the dungeon, which is the 1st of Decemeber. Nevertheless, we are expecting certain things to get added with the dungeon, which were the cases for almost all previous dungeon releases in Destiny 2. It is anticipated that Bungie would be introducing around 4-6 new dungeon exclusive legendary weapons, 3 completely new armor sets (one for each class), a completely new exotic weapon that might become the new meta in-game, and last but not least a possible catalyst for said exotic weapon to further enhance its functionality and performance!

With Master mode for the dungeon you can most definitely look forward to the best armor class in game, which is the artifice armor, granting you a free boost of 3 points in an armor stat of your choosing, allowing you to min max your builds to perfection!
Additionally, you can expect to get some kind of a cosmetic rewards for clearing the dungeon on master difficulty which usually is a unique dungeon themed exotic ship or sparrow. Furthermore, completing the dungeon on master for the first time will also grant you higher chances of getting the dungeon exclusive exotic, making the grind for it a bit easier and favorable.


How is master different from normal for the Season 23 dungeon?

The Master version of the new Season 23 dungeon will be significantly harder than it's normal counterpart. The main difference being the power level requirement, but even despite that Master introduces the champions and adds another layer of complexity to the encounters.

Mobs are stronger, more agressive and have additional health, by no means a task for the lighthearted.

Will there be any power level restrictions to purchase the service for the Season 23 Dungeon?

In the Season 23 dungeon the power level required to enter will be 1800+ power level, whereas for the Master version you will need a power level of 1820+.

The reason why 1820 power level is so important, is because there's a significant difference in the master mode even between 1819 and 1820 power level. The damage you receive from mobs is directly related to the difference in power level between you and the enemies. Meaning that enemies who are 20 levels above you (such as the case with Master difficulty) will deal the least possible damage to you. Even one power level below that and you will be receiving the same damage as if you were 25 levels below the enemy. This is comparable to the amount of damage received from mobs in Grandmaster.

This also applies to your weapons, you'll notice that weapons with a lower power level will tend to deal less damage the lower the power level of the weapon is. Meaning you want to have the best possible gear ready in order to get the best possible result.

Will the Season 23 dungeon have Artifice armor?

It's a common theme with dungeons starting from Grasp of Avarice that the armor that drops from the Master version of the dungeon is the Artifice version of that set. We've seen this be the case in every dungeon since then and this won't be changing in the new Season 23 dungeon either.

Artifice armor is very beneficial to use as it give you a free upgrade of 3 points on the stat of your choosing to help you reach that pesky 100 stat roll. It's essentially 15 free points to allocate to your heat's contempt.

Will there be any exotic cosmetic item in the new Season 23 dungeon?

We fully expect there to be a reward form completing the Master version of the dungeon to provide you with a drop similar to previous rewards.

This has traditionally included either a ship or a sparrow, so something along those lines is expected to be the reward this time around again.