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Solo and Solo Flawless clears of the dungeons are some of the penultimate challenges offered by Destiny 2. If the previous dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, is anything to go by, then the new Season 23 dungeon will certainly not be a breeze to complete on your own. We offer a wide range of services that can help you attain the discerning rewards offered by a solo flawless completion, such as the extremely sought after emblems that allow you to stand out in-game, and show off your pinnacle achievement of being able to solo flawless one of the hardest pieces of content available in the game! In case coaching and prepartions for solo flawless is not for you, then we certainly have you covered there as well, and can help you save on time and effort by having one of our most experienced pros run the activity for you!


Why would I do the Solo Flawless version of the Season 23 dungeon?

The main reason for the Solo Flawless version of the Season 23 dungeon is that your receive an exclusive emblem upon completion. These emblems are usually among the most desired emblems in the game as it's one of the harder triumphs to achieve.

Along with the emblem upon reaching this monumental feat you also receive an increase in the drop rate of the Exotic weapon from the dungeon. Completing the Solo Flawless will account for both the solo and the flawless versions as well giving you a total of 3 upgrades to the drop chance.

Will there be a way for me to increase the chances of obtaining the new exotic from new Dungeon?

Certain triumphs that increase the difficulty of the Season 23 dungeon will be beneficial to the drop rate of the exotic weapon. 

These triumphs include:

  • Gathering secret collectables within the dungeon
  • Completing the dungeon on Master difficulty
  • Completing the dungeon solo
  • Completing the dungeon flawless
  • Completing the dungeon solo flawless

Will doing the Season 23 Dungeon make me stronger?

Yes, each encounter of the dungeon will drop Pinnacle gear. This improves your power level drastically, even going beyond the point of 1800 power level and is some of the best gear you can get in the game.

It resets weekly meaning that you can farm and benefit from it each week.

On top of that the armor dropped from the activity will by default have high stats as is the case with many other dungeons.

Will there be any exotic cosmetic item in the new Season 23 dungeon?

We fully expect there to be a reward form completing the Master version of the dungeon to provide you with a drop similar to previous rewards.

This has traditionally included either a ship or a sparrow, so something along those lines is expected to be the reward this time around again.