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Of all the Triumhps, Emblems and achievements one can earn by delving the depths of Destiny 2's dungeons, none are so great as having cleared said dungeon Solo, or better yet, Solo Flawless. Indeed, Solo Flawless clears are seen as some of Destiny 2's most challenging pieces of content, completed only by only those that are willing to brave the dungeon's halls alone, and what's more, without dying even a single time.


Above all else, clearing content in Solo Flawless takes a lot of time. Time spent in preparation, time spent restarting to try again should you end up dying, and time spent learning the dungeon and optimizing your build. But why go through all of that when you can have us do it for you?


Through our Warlord's Ruin Solo Flawless services, you'll be able to earn your very own Solo Flawless Emblem, come a step closer to the Season Seal, and net some hefty bragging rights through the Solo Flawless Pinnacle Achievement! Simply pick which version you want, Solo or Solo Flawless, and we'll do the rest!


Should you need help setting your service up, our 24/7 Support Team is always at the ready to lend a helping hand - simply click the little LiveChat button at the bottom right corner of the page, and we'll be with you at a moment's notice!






What else can I do to increase my drop rate for the Buried Bloodline?

Certain Triumphs that increase the difficulty of the Season 23 dungeon will be beneficial to the drop rate of the exotic weapon, as well as Triumphs earned for completing the Warlord's Ruin in Solo, Solo Flawless, and Master.

These Triumphs include:

  • Gathering secret collectables within the dungeon
  • Completing the dungeon on Master Difficulty
  • Completing the dungeon Solo
  • Completing the dungeon Flawless
  • Completing the dungeon Solo Flawless

What does it mean to 'Solo Flawless' a dungeon in Destiny 2?

Going Flawless means completing a piece of content without dying a single time, while Solo Flawless means doing the same while completely alone. When it comes to Dungeons, content meant to be cleared with a fireteam, getting Solo and Solo Flawless completions is quite the challenge, and earns you some of the most sought after rewards in all of Destiny 2!

What do I get from clearing the Warlord's Ruin Solo Flawless?

Clearing the Warlord's Ruin in Solo Flawless will net you some of the most sought-after and difficult to obtain rewards in all of Destiny 2, including:

  • A unique Emblem - the Prophetic Visionary
  • A Pinnacle Achievement
  • An increased drop rate for the Exotic Weapon - Buried Bloodline

Perhaps the most important reward from achieving this monumental feat is a significantly increased drop rate for the Season of the Wish's seasonal exotic - the Buried Bloodline. Completing the Warlord's Ruin Solo Flawless accounts for both the Solo and the Flawless versions, giving you a total of 3 upgrades to the Bloodline's drop rate.