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As of right now, there is not much that is known about the upcoming Season 23 dungeon, as Bungie have been extremely secretive about the whole dungeon release. Currently, even the name is being kept secret, and the only piece of available information we have officially, is the release date of the dungeon, which is the 1st of Decemeber. Nevertheless, we are expecting certain things to get added with the dungeon, which were the cases for almost all previous dungeon releases in Destiny 2. It is anticipated that Bungie would be introducing around 4-6 new dungeon exclusive legendary weapons, 3 completely new armor sets (one for each class), a completely new exotic weapon that might become the new meta in-game, and last but not least a possible catalyst for said exotic weapon to further enhance its functionality and performance!


What are we getting from the new Season 23 dungeon?

With the launch of the new Season 23 dungeon we can expect to receive many rewards similar to what we've seen in the past.

This includes:

  • 4-6 Legendary Weapons
  • An Exotic Weapon
  • A brand new Seal and Title
  • Armor sets for every class

Can you teach me how to do the new Season 23 dungeon?

Yes, we offer coaching on all of our services for the new Season 23 dungeon. Our roster of experienced coaches with multiple Day 1 dungeon completions are at your disposal to help you  learn and improve at the dungeon from as early as the first day.

Get ahead of the curve and be the first to learn the latest mechanics. If there are any other dungeons you still want to learn we offer a plethora of options to help you in that pursuit here. Our PvE coaching service is catered to providing you with the best experience.

Will there be a way for me to increase the chances of obtaining the new exotic from new Dungeon?

Certain triumphs that increase the difficulty of the Season 23 dungeon will be beneficial to the drop rate of the exotic weapon. 

These triumphs include:

  • Gathering secret collectables within the dungeon
  • Completing the dungeon on Master difficulty
  • Completing the dungeon solo
  • Completing the dungeon flawless
  • Completing the dungeon solo flawless

Will doing the Season 23 Dungeon make me stronger?

Yes, each encounter of the dungeon will drop Pinnacle gear. This improves your power level drastically, even going beyond the point of 1800 power level and is some of the best gear you can get in the game.

It resets weekly meaning that you can farm and benefit from it each week.

On top of that the armor dropped from the activity will by default have high stats as is the case with many other dungeons.