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The new Season 23 Dungeon will be bringing a total of 3 completely unique and never before seen armor sets. Even though we currently don't know how the armor sets will look on any of the characters, we certainly expect them to look stunning based on Bungie's track record with previous dungeon armor sets. Get your armor pieces farmed out as soon as possible so that you may be able to freely transmogrify them and create new fashion styles for your guardian, allowing you to experience the game on a more personal level. 

Additionally, you would also be getting great chances at getting high stat armor rolls allowing you to set up your builds and help reduce your cooldowns for abilities, your survivability and even your mobility. Keep in mind that these high armor stat monster armor pieces can be pushed even further by having them farmed on Master mode, as they will drop as Artifice armor pieces rather than normal ones, allowing you to get a free boost of 15 (12 if you use an exotic alognside them) stat points of your choosing with a full set!


Will there be a way for me to increase the chances of obtaining the new exotic from new Dungeon?

Certain triumphs that increase the difficulty of the Season 23 dungeon will be beneficial to the drop rate of the exotic weapon. 

These triumphs include:

  • Gathering secret collectables within the dungeon
  • Completing the dungeon on Master difficulty
  • Completing the dungeon solo
  • Completing the dungeon flawless
  • Completing the dungeon solo flawless

Will the Season 23 dungeon have Artifice armor?

It's a common theme with dungeons starting from Grasp of Avarice that the armor that drops from the Master version of the dungeon is the Artifice version of that set. We've seen this be the case in every dungeon since then and this won't be changing in the new Season 23 dungeon either.

Artifice armor is very beneficial to use as it give you a free upgrade of 3 points on the stat of your choosing to help you reach that pesky 100 stat roll. It's essentially 15 free points to allocate to your heat's contempt.

Will doing the Season 23 Dungeon make me stronger?

Yes, each encounter of the dungeon will drop Pinnacle gear. This improves your power level drastically, even going beyond the point of 1800 power level and is some of the best gear you can get in the game.

It resets weekly meaning that you can farm and benefit from it each week.

On top of that the armor dropped from the activity will by default have high stats as is the case with many other dungeons.

Can you farm loot in the Season 23 Dungeon?

The loot from the dungeon has a weekly lockout, this means that you can complete it on each of your characters to obtain new rewards that you haven't received thus far. After you've cleared the dungeon on the desired character you can attempt to do it again and you will receive rewards that you have already obtained.

Subsequent rewards will not be pinnacle drops and won't be guaranteed to have high stats either, but it is possible to farm over and over.