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As you might be aware the upcoming Season 23 dungeon will be bringing all kinds of wonderful and sought after loot into the game. A new exotic, that is yet to be revelaed. New potentially meta establishing legendary weapons with unique manufacturer perks that have never been seen before. New armor pieces to help you indulge in the fashion game offered by the in-depth transmog and shading system offered by Destiny 2. With all that mentioned, it is undeniable that there will be a lot of new loot coming into the game, and what better way to get the most of that new loot than a bundled deal, which would provide you with the most bang for your buck service! You'll get a ton of loot from the new Season 23 Dungeon, and other pinnacle activites available for that week as well, netting you a decent amount of XP in the process as well, which would allow you to fast forward the procedure of unlocking seasonal mods, and enable you to stay ahead of the curve.


Will there be any power level restrictions to purchase the service for the Season 23 Dungeon?

In the Season 23 dungeon the power level required to enter will be 1800+ power level, whereas for the Master version you will need a power level of 1820+.

The reason why 1820 power level is so important, is because there's a significant difference in the master mode even between 1819 and 1820 power level. The damage you receive from mobs is directly related to the difference in power level between you and the enemies. Meaning that enemies who are 20 levels above you (such as the case with Master difficulty) will deal the least possible damage to you. Even one power level below that and you will be receiving the same damage as if you were 25 levels below the enemy. This is comparable to the amount of damage received from mobs in Grandmaster.

This also applies to your weapons, you'll notice that weapons with a lower power level will tend to deal less damage the lower the power level of the weapon is. Meaning you want to have the best possible gear ready in order to get the best possible result.

Will the Season 23 dungeon have Artifice armor?

It's a common theme with dungeons starting from Grasp of Avarice that the armor that drops from the Master version of the dungeon is the Artifice version of that set. We've seen this be the case in every dungeon since then and this won't be changing in the new Season 23 dungeon either.

Artifice armor is very beneficial to use as it give you a free upgrade of 3 points on the stat of your choosing to help you reach that pesky 100 stat roll. It's essentially 15 free points to allocate to your heat's contempt.

Can you teach me how to do the new Season 23 dungeon?

Yes, we offer coaching on all of our services for the new Season 23 dungeon. Our roster of experienced coaches with multiple Day 1 dungeon completions are at your disposal to help you  learn and improve at the dungeon from as early as the first day.

Get ahead of the curve and be the first to learn the latest mechanics. If there are any other dungeons you still want to learn we offer a plethora of options to help you in that pursuit here. Our PvE coaching service is catered to providing you with the best experience.

Can you farm loot in the Season 23 Dungeon?

The loot from the dungeon has a weekly lockout, this means that you can complete it on each of your characters to obtain new rewards that you haven't received thus far. After you've cleared the dungeon on the desired character you can attempt to do it again and you will receive rewards that you have already obtained.

Subsequent rewards will not be pinnacle drops and won't be guaranteed to have high stats either, but it is possible to farm over and over.